Episode 1108 (small spoilers)
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Doug Elrod
2017-06-02 17:54:40 UTC
This is the sort of film where, when the supporting characters go off-screen, you really want to join them ;-). (Perhaps that technology will be available at some point in the future!)

Kinga Forrester's movie intro seems designed to conjure something ... perhaps RATINGS! :-):
"Your experiment is a pecs and princesses epic, starring Jayne Mansfield, Jayne Mansfield's *husband*, and, the REST of Jayne Mansfield!"

Some other lines I enjoyed:
"It's PETA. They found us!" -Jonah (as we see Herc's ROOM OF PELTS)
"I think I have a bra I can loan you..." -Crow, as Deianira (to Hercules)

-Doug "Ow, my EYE!" Elrod (***@cornell.edu)
(reminded, somehow, of THE REBEL SET" ;-))
Doug Elrod
2017-06-02 17:57:34 UTC
I neglected to mention that the film for 1008, in case you didn't figure it out, is "THE LOVES OF HERCULES".

-Doug Elrod (***@cornell.edu)