Rat Pack Chess Set: Any yet living?
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Doug Elrod
2010-08-02 20:50:38 UTC
I see that Mitch Miller just died (see <http://www.nytimes.com/
2010/08/03/arts/music/03miller.html>). Does anyone remember the other
members of the Rat Pack Chess Set (from #505: Magic Voyage of
Sinbad)? I wonder if any are still alive, or whether Mitch was the

-Doug Elrod (***@cornell.edu)
RIP, Mr. Miller! May your music never end.
2010-08-09 01:27:07 UTC
I haven't watched that episode for a while, but I seem to remember that
Shirley MacLaine was one of the pieces in the Rat Pack set.

But I get what you mean. When watching the mst3k tapes, I'm often struck
by how many of the actors in the film, and how many of the riffs
referring to various people, involve those who have died since the
episode was made.

2015-04-15 19:08:36 UTC
Post by Doug Elrod
Does anyone remember the other
members of the Rat Pack Chess Set
The Rat Pack:
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr
Peter Lawford
Joey Bishop
Shirley MacLain
Sammy Cahn (lyricist who worked with Sinatra)
"Jilly" Rizzo (restauranteur who was friends with Sinatra)

The Enemies:
Shecky Green (comedian who angered Sinatra)
Kitty Kelly (unauthorized biographer who angered Sinatra)
Liz Smith (gossip columnist who angered Sinatra)
Earl Wilson (unauthorized biographer who angered Sinatra)
Sam Giancana (Chicago mob boss)
Judith Exner (mistress of JFK)
Bobby Kennedy
Mitch Miller (musician & producer who angered Sinatra)

Later in the sketch some other folks are mentioned as substitutes when Peter Lawford or Dean Martin are removed from the game:
Don Rickles (comedian)
Toots Shor (restauranteur)
Juliet Prowse (dancer, former fiancee of Sinatra)
Liza Minnelli