Wait, this thing is on!?
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Pat Flanagan
2017-04-21 18:57:04 UTC
Holy flashbacks! Imagine my surprise when I was attempting to confirm my memory of my MSTie number the other day and discovered that not only could I relive the home of my angsty, social awkward, melodramatic, potentially undiagnosed mental illness teenage years, but it was still active!

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't go there...

Pat "20 years is a long time" Flanagan
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"What's an IRC?" - most of the readers I imagine.
Bart Fargo
2017-04-29 02:54:36 UTC
This was one of the first places I thought of when I realized new MST3k was going to be like a real... thing.

Bart Fargo -- MSTie#79650 -- Who Says: "20 years is a long time, except geologically."